scream mask ideation, 2018
︎Hello! I am a(n)


    new to Oakland, CA - by way of Brooklyn, NY.

I am an experienced industrial and ceramic designer with an insatiable curiosity about our object, emotional, and community needs. With a background in fine arts and a master’s degree Industrial Design, I am passionate about referencing art and design thinking to create object-experiences that probe our state of being, and positively impact our lives. My process is inquisitive and making-centric, and I deploy that ethos throughout the ideation, prototyping and user-experience process. Central to my work is a commitment to the values of participatory design, and cultural competency. Collaboration is key. Porcelain is my favorite side project.

I recently launched STUDIO ORANGE, an experimental design studio focusing on exploring and subverting the aesthetics of sustainable manufacturing processes.


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