by studio ORANGE
biocompostable PLA

Trivets, a collection of 3D-printed bath and shower objects, is the first product family released by studio ORANGE. Satisfying multiple functions for bath, shower, and kitchen areas, Trivets is a sculptural, considered, and playful collection. Each object expresses a distinct personality while sharing a common language with each other. Each object may be used in an infinite number of ways. The Loop Trivet, the Bau Trivet, the Donut Trivet, the Wave trivet, and the U-Trivet serve specific and shared functions of elevating bath and sponge items from water and surfaces, while the Shower Hook offers a hang dry option in a universal size.

studio ORANGE functions with a firm belief in accessibility and collective creativity, which is why all designs are available to the public under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. Trivet files are open source and available for free download to print with a home 3D printer for non-commercial use.

All objects are printed in a durable corn-based PLA, and are compostable in most municipal facilities. The entire collection is made to order, and each trivet is designed to print without support structures. The only material used in production is in the final product, cutting down on manufacturing waste.