Lo-Fi Machines + Tools
For Prototyping

(Side projects to assist in main projects) 

Horizontal Plaster Turning Machine

For plaster forming master prototypes. An updated take on an old-school factory technique. A collaboration with Martin Sombathy. 2017.

3-Axis Rotational Molding Machine* 

Wood frame, acrylic gears, mesh screen. Meant for hollow plastic and resin prototypes. *We made a miscalculation in the gear sizes (they were identical and shouldn’t have been) and the machine actually turned out to be a 2-axis rotational machine. Objects formed had uneven wall thicknesses as a result, so we would flip the mold throughout rotation to get a more even thickness. An easy fix that due to our courseload we never got around to. A self-initiated collaboration with Pratt MID classmates Sam Cotton, BuWei Hu, and Eric Weiss in 2015.

“Note Rocket”, a roto-molded Toy Air Gun, meant to “shoot” messages into outer space.