Client: Victor Vina, Teleobjects, Verizon Combine Challenge, NYC Media Lab
Product: Teleobjects: Ticker & Family
Date: 2016 - 2017
Services: Rapid Prototyping, Iterating Physical and Interactive Design, CMF of new “smart” object to relate to the existing family of objects (in collaboration with lead designer and team,) Electronic Assembly, Improving DFM, Modeling and Finishing mid-stage looks like / works like models for demonstration and public presentation.

Interactions include touch, voice activation and response, orientation, location, and device connection. The Ticker is a “not-so-smart smart object”, connecting to our personal devices and sharing information that we normally consume on screens through a low-fi scrolling text device. 

The Ticker is a member of a family of objects that are physically responsive to digital objects called Teleobjects. These products are meant to be thought provoking and challenging, allowing us to stay connected to the digital world through objects beyond screens.

This project is the concept of Victor Vina and was funded by The NYC Media Lab and Verizon Combine Challenge.