Industrial Vases
slipcast porcelain
2018 - ongoing

a personal exercise in

The series “Industrial Vases” is an inquiry into the assistance of craftsmanship in industrial efficiency. Do multiple copies of an object reduce the value of craftsmanship? Inspired by conversations with mold-makers in the oldest porcelain factory in Poland, where master prototypes and molds are still made by hand, these works inquire — what is the definition of craftsmanship in ceramic production? How can we use the industrial process to reveal the master craftsperson?

Each master form emerges from a stream of consciousness, without consideration to restrictions of industrial moldmaking. No matter the complexity of the form, I force myself to design a plaster mold around each piece. Because every mold is adapted to the intricate master form, it cannot offer a streamlined action for removal. Seams are left exposed, porcelain warps, and texture fractures the surface -- traces documenting the skill, process, and emotion of the craftswoman. The result is a relic, revealing the essential act of the moldmaker in manufacturing. My hand and my mark are purposefully exposed, leaving the vase as an artifact of this process.