is an attempt to explore the possibility of using objects combined with digital technology to inspire a renewed dialogue. 

“What if you could send your heartbeat to another person? Not on your phone. What if there was an object that vibrated your live heartbeat as you were thinking of them? What would that mean to your girlfriend, or grandfather, or best friend? What if you took that same object and developed an accompanying app that allows the owner of the object to “tune-in” to his or her mother’s heartbeat, but also an Olympic Athlete running the 50yd dash, or Astronaut Scott Kelly’s pulse as he takes man’s first step on Mars? What would the impact of those moments be if we were able to experience them physically, in the palms of our hands? I wonder if an object like that would actually be meaningful to a younger generation, or if it would be yet another bit of disposable experience.”
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The intent is to express a single, complex part of ourselves with clarity -- to ground emotional connection to a physical world congruent with the virtual world.

How might we use digital technolgy to assist in our communication and connectivity?
How might we remove ourselves from the virtual world and reignite our meaningful relationships in the physical world?

How might we improve the impact digital communication has on personal identity, and our ability to empathize with other humans?

This particular experience captures a live feed of one’s heartbeat and outputs it through light and vibration into a small, wireless object. It is in turn given to another person as an act of intimacy. The (((hearbeat))) object informed two wearable products that explored additional ways to experience a heartbeat.