The Self-Shaman:



(thesis ideation and process)


Addiction affects billions of people across the globe, yet the system of treatment is inadequate. There is evidence that mindfulness therapy helps in addiction recovery by a significant margin over other treatments, and is a low cost form of intervention.  

Yet the percentage of success is still low. How can we take this existing treatment and improve it’s positive impact?

How may we connect with our breath?

Goal: to improve connectivity to breath for someone going through intense or overwhelming cravings 


A collection of objects that
draw attention
to one’s own breath~

A series of forms that physically contain breath~

A series of forms that  metaphorically contain breath~

Mindfulness Therapy “is focused attention on the breath, intended to help individuals retrain their minds from habitually engaging in self-related pre-occupations such as thinking about the past or future, or reacting to stressful stimuli - to more present moment awareness.”
- Judson Brewer, Center for Mindfulness